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Interested in working for us? Here is what you should know…

Orantec is a small yet growing company, established in 2008 by Richard Griffiths, Director and Senior Web Developer. We are based in Cardiff and our philosophy is to carry out high quality work and provide the best service we possibly can.

Passionate About Professional Development

We are hard-workers and believe in constant learning and professional development. We offer our staff opportunities to gain futher qualifications and to attend conferences.

We do web development (VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML5…), Digital marketing / SEO (white hat SEO) and we have developed our own CMS, Webcharge, which, objectively, is really good (you don’t have to trust us on that, just use it and you’ll see!). We also do domain registration, web hosting, e-mails and such like but if you join our team of web developers or SEO consultants you won’t be taking care of that.

Small company means hands-on approach

Being a small company, every employee has the opportunity to do more than sticking to one area of expertise. Our web developers are aware of SEO issues and work to create SEO-friendly websites that the digital marketing team can later optimise, and the digital marketing team gets to do a bit of everything and sometimes get to create web pages as part of their work. Everyone get to share ideas on projects we work on, in order to get the best possible results. Having happy clients and doing high quality work is our goal, after all!


We're always happy to hear about .NET, VB or C# web developers who are hard-working and eager to learn! If you think you fit the profile and are looking for a job, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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There are no vacancies currently available. Please check back soon.