Construct CO2

Construct CO2 is a web based software system for tracking emissions on construction projects. Details of trips to and from the construction site by workers, visitors and delivery vehicles are recorded along with the vehicles used and the related emissions are calculated.

The system also tracks emissions from the use of plant and fuel energy to give a complete picture of site emissions throughout the course of construction.

The system produces emissions charts and journey maps to help visualise the site emissions.


Cost Tracker is an open book project management system for housing agencies. The software allows housing agencies to manage costs by property or by project and to provide access for contractors to login and provide reports. The system provides an approval process for cost submissions and detailed cost reports.


CPS Homes Applicant Management System

Building on Orantec's ongoing relationship with CPS Homes, we were asked to help them with a specific software problem. CPS Homes needed an applicant management system that could be accessed by staff across their branch locations and would link effectively with their available property lists and website membership facilities.

Orantec produced a custom web based application that integrates perfectly with CPS Homes CMS system and internal software allowing them to easily manage applicants who approach them through one of their office locations or through their website. CPS Homes are also able to collect applicants property requirements and send out automatic e-mail alerts when matching properties become available.



Orantec developed custom software to integrate with Sage 50 Accounts to allow cross referencing of customer product codes with Chevler’s own product codes when printing invoices and despatch notices. The software retrieves notice and invoice details from sage and produces a printable document which includes the product codes from Sage and the cross referenced product codes that each individual client uses for the same product.

The software also includes a facility for automatically creating and e-mailing pdf invoices to clients who have been specified as accepting e-mail invoices within Sage 50.


R&M Williams Job Manager

R&M Williams are a construction, building maintenance and trade contracting company. R&M  commissioned Orantec to create a job management software system which allows them to manage jobs, assign tasks to engineers, communicate with engineers through PDA's, carry out reporting on jobs and manage timesheets.

The software integrates with housing associations, automatically receiving job details, sending daily progress updates and automating invoicing by integrating with Sage 50 Accounts.