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Online Website Marketing

Orantec's online web marketing services will help you to increase your websites exposure and improve your visitor conversion rates. We are able to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns (for example Google AdWords) and also help you improve your natural search engine rankings.

We will work closely with you to develop a strategy for your search engine campaigns that will focus your keywords and tailor your website content. This two pronged approach is essential in ensuring that you not only receive more visitors to your website but that these visitors are actually interested in the services you provide and are directed to the areas of your website that are relevant to their search terms.

This technique is relevant for both natural search listing and Pay Per Click campaigns and will help you to improve the conversion rates for visitors to your website. We will also help you to put in place monitors for site useage and conversions so that you can ensure your search engine marketing campaigns are running effectively.

All web marketing campaigns are monitored regularly to track their progress and the flow of traffic to the site. Keeping a close eye on our client's websites allows us to react quickly to changes in the market. Due to our rigorous monitoring process we can update our clients with monthly progress reports detailing traffic growth, popular keywords and phrases and conversion rates.

Orantec's SEO and PPC can generate good quality and relevant traffic to your site, leading to increased exposure online as well as increased sales figures.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing is the process of promoting your site on search engines for keyword phrases that will help attract new customers. Getting on the first page of Google is often seen as the main goal and getting to the number one spot as the ultimate achievement in SEO. The aim of promoting your site to as many relevant individuals as possible does not necessarily mean being at the top of Google however, as much as it is more important to be found on relevant searches by the right individuals.

At Orantec we have a proven track record in search engine marketing and optimisation and are able to deliver your products and services to your target market effectively. We know how to design web sites to be search engine friendly, deliver the right message about your company and appear high up in the right search results to the right consumers.

Anybody can promise to get you to the top of Google through search engine optimisation, but if it's for a search term that no one uses then it will serve as no use to your business. At Orantec we like to look at what will actually help your company to grow, how you can appear as high up on as many relevant searches as possible across an array of search engines, and how we can monitor your performance to provide the best results in your market place. Our ultimate goal is to attract new clients for your business through good search engine optimisation practice and not to attract useless web traffic.

All websites that we optimise are monitored regularly to track their progress in the top search engines and the flow of traffic to the site. Keeping a close eye on our clients websites allows us to react quickly to any changes in the market. Due to our rigorous monitoring process we can update our clients with monthly progress reports detailing traffic growth, popular keywords and phrases and search engine rank results. We will also help you optimize for conversions, to ensure that visitors become customers.

There are no cheap tricks or fast tracks to successfully optimising your site. The work has to be done correctly and on the search engines' terms in order to gain long term benefits. Quality SEO means helping you become the site most worth finding in your market. We will help you make your site be the best it can be, and deliver quality, relevant content to make your site attractive and useful both to search engines and your customers. Quality and relevance will sustain your website's ranking position and increase your traffic. Below are some links to search engine specific guidelines for webmasters.

SEO Case Studies

Read about how we have helped some of our industry specific clients achieve great results with their search engine optimisation campaigns:

PPC and Advertising Campaign Management

Our Google AdWords or PPC services help our clients to quickly promote their websites to a large audience online and ensure that the right target market are directed to the relevant areas of the website.

We can control your website marketing campaigns through the use of Google’s very popular advertising tool, AdWords along with other PPC campaign tools. As an experienced company dealing with editing and controlling AdWords we know that converting clicks into sales requires directing only relevant traffic to your site. Through monitoring your campaign performance we are able to pinpoint the exact requirements that will see your company website receive increased traffic from your target market and help to convert this increased traffic into actual sales.

Our experience in this field allows us to be in full control of multiple campaigns that will help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Online marketing campaigns require a thorough assessment of the target market along with competitive analysis to ensure that they grab the attention of relevant people. We are experienced in running very specific regional marketing projects right through to large scale global campaigns.

AdWords campaigns can become very complex and require in depth monitoring to ensure their success. Often specialist technical knowledge and copywriting techniques are needed to compete with the competition.

Orantec have the know-how to optimise your campaign to minimise the cost per click on and maximise the return on your investment. For more information on how Orantec can help you with your online marketing requirements please get in touch through our contact page.

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