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We take pride in producing high quality solutions that match our clients' requirements and exceed expectations. We have worked on wide variety of projects for companies of all sizes in many different industries with one common element, customer satisfaction.

Our digital portfolio.


International Energy Forum

In January 2016, we launched the redesign of the International Energy Forum (IEF) website. This is the 2nd IEF website we have developed with our first launching in March 2012. The new responsive website allows visitors to access the website efficiently from a range of devices. The new homepage features recent IEF events with an infinite scroll technique and event photo galleries.

The International Energy Forum aims to foster greater mutual understanding and awareness of common energy interests among its 72 member countries. Our successful partnership with the IEF subsequently led to them selecting us to build 2 websites for their partner, the Joint Oil Data Initiative (JODI).

The IEF site uses WebCharge, Orantec’s own content management system (CMS). WebCharge provides a user-friendly way to update the site without requiring extensive technical skills. It is adaptable to the needs of everyone from small businesses to global organisations.

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CPS Homes

CPS Homes’ cutting edge website uses the latest web technologies to produce an interactive and user-friendly experience. Featuring advanced membership and property search facilities, integrations with Google Maps and property e-mail notifications. The web software integrates with CPS' in-house property management software to automatically keep the online property lists up to date.

We launched the updated CPS Homes site in September 2016. This the third website that we’ve designed for CPS Homes, and one of the biggest changes we made, was to make the website mobile responsive. The website now offers visitors a much more accessible experience, while also allowing a more intuitive flow through the website. The redesigned website takes advantage of bold colouring and imaged-focused pages to create a website that really catches the eye.

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Lacoste Women’s Style Guide

Orantec collaborated with Lacoste to develop a mini-site showcasing the Lacoste autumn/winter 2017 women's footwear collection. The goal of the website was to promote the AW17 collection while acting as an aid for the Lacoste sales team. 

The website has been designed to be fully responsive, with interactive elements that dynamically adapt to the available screen width, allowing for an optimal user experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The website also uses HTML5 caching techniques to make the site fully available offline, enabling its use for offline tablet demonstrations. This is the 4th time that we have redesigned this website.



Orantec designed and developed the global website for footwear and apparel brand KangaROOS. The company was established in 1979 when its founder developed a pair of trainers with a small zipped pocket to carry change and keys in whilst running. Today, KangaROOS’ products are currently sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

The website has been designed with full screen imagery to create maximum promotion for the brand and its products. We developed the website to have dynamic scrolling with a background scrolling effect which creates a sleek and dynamic feel to the site.

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The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is an international organisation providing information to its 19 member countries. The GECF approached Orantec about a website redesign after seeing the excellent results the IEF and JODI websites had achieved following their update. Our brief was to develop a website that was fully mobile responsive and provided users with a seamless user experience on all devices.

The GECF website utilises WebCharge, Orantec’s very own content management system, which means webmasters can easily edit and update content, a vital element for an organisation that frequently needs to update its website.

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Lodge Dental

Lodge Dental is a private dental care company based in South Wales. Lodge approached Orantec to build a new, responsive website to promote their services online. The website uses a simple but striking design to display information in a clear fashion and with ease of navigation to the fore.

The website is constructed using Orantec's Content Management System, WebCharge, which enables user-friendly website management and maintenance, whether at home or in the office. 

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The new Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) website was launched in 2016. This is the second website Orantec has built for JODI; it consists of an umbrella site for the overall initiative with sub sections for JODI Oil and JODI Gas. The new website features a Forum and data management & presentation features for Oil and Gas including Data Maps, Charts & Downloads.

JODI utilises Orantec’s WebCharge Content Management System, which ensures ease of use for users of all technical abilities, an essential feature for a website like JODI’s which is constantly updated with industry news and events. A bespoke plugin was also developed to allow the JODI editors to leverage the power and simplicity of WebCharge to manage the JODI Oil and Gas data.

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Harley St Aesthetics

This is the first website that we have designed for Harley St Aesthetics after importing the previous website to Webcharge. It was launched at the beginning of 2017. Apart from a design overhaul to make the website more engaging, we also used this opportunity to make the website fully mobile-friendly as many visitors to Harley St Aesthetics access the website via mobile or tablet devices, and we wanted to ensure that those who did had an enjoyable and seamless experience on all devices.

During the redesign process, we also removed the outdated Flash elements that appeared on the previous website, utilising HTML5 best practices instead.

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Jenius Social

We created the Jenius website to tie in with the launch of the company which opened its food and drink event venue in May 2014. Jenius is located in the London borough of Islington where the company runs food and drink master classes, cookery classes, social events, and offers private and corporate hire of the venue.

The Jenius website primarily works as an e-commerce site featuring event type products (classes & clubs), venue hire and corporate services. The site also has its own blog where food lovers can indulge in all the latest news from the food industry, news from Jenius and exclusive interviews with food professionals.

The Jenius website uses Orantec’s WebCharge content management system (CMS) –allowing the site, the online shop and orders to be managed easily and efficiently. The site is fully responsive allowing effective use on devices of all sizes such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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Broadlands Partnership

The business mantra of Broadlands Partnership, a financial services business, is ‘making complex issues easy to understand’, and we took this work ethic on board when designing the website.

In designing the website for Broadlands Partnership we created it to be mobile responsive, making it pleasant to view on all devices. We also developed financial calculators for the business, allowing visitors to easily calculate potential loan repayments, the impact of inflation on savings, as well a calculator to see how investments are likely to perform.

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Best Practice

Best Practice is a workplace and distance training and development provider, their services have been used by businesses such as ING Direct, London Ambulance Service, and the Royal Air Force.

Best Practice needed a website with a clean design, a separate client login facility, as well as an easy to read and complete application form for visitors to enrol on training courses provided by the company.

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Fonseca & Partners Solicitors

Fonseca and Partners are a firm of solicitors which approached Orantec to redesign and modernise their website. Orantec conducted a complete redesign and update of the company website and continue to add fresh content and information when required.

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Water Policy International

Water Policy International were searching for a simple but professional website to promote their long-term water management business.

The site was designed with a blue and white theme which reflected the nature of the business, while also looking extremely sleek. In addition, the website was made mobile responsive to ensure it is accessible to all regardless of device.

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Chevler are the UK’s leading manufacturers of baking cases in a vast range of styles and designs. Chevler’s new website advertises their range of products and provides technical specifications of their cases, liners and sheets.

Chevler’s website uses Orantec’s WebCharge (CMS) which provides a user-friendly way of managing a website regardless of technical ability. WebCharge is adaptable to any company’s needs, from those of a small business to global organisations.

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Gourmet Food Wrap

Orantec have built a successful partnership with Chevler, having previously developed two websites for them; Chevler and Meat Saver Paper. Our successful partnership resulted in Chevler returning to us to design their latest website, Gourmet Food Wrap. Gourmet Food Wrap sells and markets Chevler’s environmentally-friendly greaseproof paper, which can be ordered with a specific print to promote shops, restaurants, food retailers etc.

Gourmet Food Wrap’s website is responsive and uses Orantec’s WebCharge (CMS). WebCharge’s simplistic design and ease of use means users of all technical abilities can update and edit website content with ease. 

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Use to promote your dogs for stud, advertise new litters of pups or get in touch with potential new dog owners or customers. You can also easily build your own online community by simply creating a network of friends, colleagues, businesses and like-minded people.

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Meat Saver Paper

As a result of our successful partnership with Chevler, they approached Orantec about the development of Meat Saver Paper. Meat Saver Paper is a branch of Chevler which specialises specifically in butcher’s Peach Paper which is marketed at meat retailers and food processors. We created a single page site with in-page dynamic scrolling. The site was translated into French by Orantec and also translated into German and Dutch.

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Fiore Online Shop

Fiore utilise Orantec's e-commerce management suite to produce an online shop that provides focus to the products and is extremely simple to use. The Orantec e-commerce control panel allows Fiore to easily manage their products, customers and online orders.

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Fonseca Claims

When Fonseca Claims approached Orantec about a redesigned version of their website, our goal was to create a website that was mobile-friendly, accessible and easy to navigate. As Fonseca Claims is part of Fonseca & Partners, our brief was to design a website which followed the same design aesthetic as the Fonseca Law website, to ensure a sense of consistency between both sites.

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Hall Asset Finance

Hall Asset finance is an independent finance brokerage firm that focuses on large and small UK businesses. We designed the website to be easy to navigate, with alternate coloured sections presenting different information. All information is easy to find, offering visitors a pleasant viewing experience.

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Bowen McTimoney

Dianne Bradshaw approached Orantec about developing a website for her pain relief for humans and animals service. Our brief was to create a website that was easy to navigate, and promoted awareness of the services she offered and how to access them. To that end, we created a home page that has clearly highlighted content.

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Henry & Hall

We created the Henry & Hall website to complement the design structure of the Hall Asset Finance web page. Our key goal was to make a website that was easy to navigate. This was accomplished in part because the Henry & Hall brand suggests luxury, which goes together with a sleek design.

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