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Every now and then we like to rant on about something or other. Have a read and feel free to let us know what you think.

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JavaScript Frameworks

By Matt McCabe - Web Developer. The web has come a long way since jQuery was released in 2006 to help simplify scripting of HTML across multiple browsers. This could be anything from moving an element around the screen to toggling visible elements or creating new elements on the fly. You ... 

Anti-Patterns: Do's and Don'ts

By Matt McCabe - Web Developer. I'd probably describe anti-patterns as 'what not to do' but SourceMaking has a more succinct description: An Anti-Pattern is a literary form that describes a commonly occurring solution to a problem that generates decidedly negative consequences. Before I get into some of the more common ones ... 

Web Content Management: an Introduction

By Richard Griffiths - Director. Director and developer Richard Griffiths introducing the first blog in our new technical series by giving an insight into Web Content Management Systems, with a brief history of their development, an introduction to some popular systems and some advice on choosing the right software for your ...