Work shadowing a digital marketer

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. 

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Last week the team welcomed Benita - a journalism and culture student - as she was interested in learning a little more about what digital marketing entails, and how her chosen degree studies may be able to potentially line up with a role in the industry at some point in the future.

Benita joined the Orantec digital marketing team over two days for some informal work experience, and she was presented with an opportunity to work shadow myself and Stephen during that time to gain a better understanding of the work the department undertakes, the tactics and techniques that we use and how our general day pans out 

If you’re familiar with digital marketing, especially in an agency role, you’ll be aware of how different and exciting one hour can be to the next, let alone one day to the next!

Below is Benita’s take on her work shadowing experience:

Even though I had experienced a few placements in media and journalism, I left these roles still feeling unsure as to whether I wanted to pursue this route. It was suggested to me by a careers advisor that I should consider exploring the marketing industry. Shortly after this conversation, I was presented with an opportunity to shadow the Orantec digital marketing team. Although I did not know a lot about marketing, Stephen and Shawn were friendly and informative during my work shadowing experience. This helped me develop an understanding of what happens within the field of digital marketing.

Can the skills I learned in uni help with digital marketing?

As I began my final year of my university degree in journalism and culture, I felt like the skills I had developed would only be useful for a career in media; a path I was unsure I wanted to commit to. Stephen, a member of the digital marketing team at Orantec, explained how he had graduated with a degree in journalism and was now working in digital marketing, and it was a route I could consider if I wished to.

Little did I know, the writing and communicative skills I had developed throughout my degree are also important skills in content creation, social media management, and the many forms of communication that are often required for a role in marketing. While shadowing the digital marketing team, I began to learn that creating interesting and appealing content is imperative to making a company’s marketing stand out. I saw content being used in a variety of ways and on many different platforms, such as blog posts for websites, social media updates for businesses and brands, or online PPC adverts through Google AdWords.

What my work shadowing experience taught me

My work shadowing experience taught me a little about the importance of using social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) to enhance the online communication and visibility of a business or brand. Before this experience, I had thought little of the work involved to make a website appear at or near the top of search results when I searched for something on Google, or  the posts that I would see from businesses and brands on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The importance of keeping a company’s social media accounts consistently active with relevant content had not really crossed my mind at all. But, after seeing follower engagement and the referral traffic increase to various websites from social media referrals I became aware of how important it was. I was also able to explore some SEO tactics that the team had used for their clients to increase the online exposure of a company’s website, as well as learn how to track a variety of different results through Google Analytics.

I also learnt how important and in-depth HTML is, and how a simple error in the HTML code can have a catastrophic impact on how the website displays to the user.

Although I am still undecided about which path of work I’d like to pursue, I feel as if my experience at Orantec has encouraged me to certainly consider the possibility of a career in digital marketing following my graduation. The team have allowed me to open my eyes and discover how interesting, creative and demanding (in a good way!) this type of work can be.

If you’re interested in learning more about the online services that we offer, from website design through to digital marketing, then get in touch with us today. Whether your company currently has an online presence or not, our aim is to take your business to the next level in this digital world, by reaching a wider audience and attracting more custom. Something every business owner is looking to achieve!


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