Digital Marketing: Work experience

baby on a laptopA few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to undertake some work experience with the Orantec digital marketing team. Upon meeting Stephen and Shawn for the first time, I felt so welcomed, and immediately felt at ease within this working environment. Over these past few weeks I have been working closely with them, shadowing their roles within the company, closely watching the tasks that they perform and learning exactly what it means to be a digital marketer in this fast-paced and ever-growing industry . 

Before my work experience with Orantec, I wasn't entirely sure what would be involved within a digital marketing role, I just knew that I enjoyed being creative. I have a particular interest in creative writing, so I could sense that the content creation aspect would really appeal to me and the skills I hope to develop and use in my future career. Shadowing the digital marketing team at Orantec really did help me so much, as it increased my knowledge in the field, and also made me aware that this is definitely an area of work that I would be keen to pursue upon graduating university.

What led me to digital marketing?

I started my university degree in English Literature and Philosophy a year ago. I chose these subjects as I have an interest in them, although at the time I wasn't completely sure of where the future might take me in terms of a career. So, when it came to discussions of what my ultimate ambitions were, I have to admit that I was pretty clueless. I knew that I wanted to do something that would involve new challenges every day, but also something that involved writing and would be challenging enough for me to have ambitious goals to work towards.

After having what felt like a million career meetings, digital marketing was suggested to me. As I already had experience of writing blogs, as well as an interest in social media, I thought this would be quite an interesting area to explore. Fortunately, the opportunity of experiencing a work placement with Orantec became available and I am extremely thankful I ceased it, otherwise I am sure I would still be wondering where on earth my interests and skills could take me.

What I’ve learned from my work experience with Orantec

Throughout my three weeks of work experience in Orantec, I’ve learned that there are many different positions within digital marketing that you can specialise in. These guys work in all aspects of digital marketing, from SEO and PPC campaigns, to social media management and blog writing. I was unfamiliar with the abundance of acronyms and terms, but I've picked a lot of them up along the way and learned the way they are used effectively within a working environment. I've also learned that there is so much more to a web site. 

Orantec also offer web design and web development services, and working alongside the digital marketing team makes for the best overall results and it has been fascinating to see how this all comes together.  The variety of things going on makes every day different, and that really appeals to me. Every day I found myself interested in the new tools and skills that i was learning, because there is always something new to learn or develop in digital marketing, that's for sure! I was able to look at Google analytics, and learn some of the ins and outs involved with content writing. I enjoyed it all. The team taught me how to utilise SEO tactics, their CMS system and even some basic HTML skills. These are all things that I hope will serve me well going forward!

The highlights!

The Orantec team are the most amazing people and have offered me so much help and guidance; not only with their kindness, but also the devotion they have to their job. One of the main highlights for me was understanding that writing is absolutely an art, and it's important to make sure your writing is interesting so that the attention of an audience can be better captured. I also fell in love with their little office on the top floor. 

It’s the most relaxing, yet productive working environment I could ever imagine! 

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