Digital Marketing: One Month in the Game

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. 

Digital MarketingIt's been one month since I joined the tight-knit team here at Orantec. Like Bambi on ice, I've found myself slipping and sliding around the plethora of programs, tools and folders that I'm utilising across three screens, in this cool, top floor studio, as I slowly get to grips with them all. This is my first experience of working in a full-time digital marketing position, but the folks have been kind enough to let me dig into the good stuff right off the bat. I’ve held positions in a variety of employed and self-employed roles in several different industries over the years, but I'm content and super excited to be embarking upon this new chapter. I already know that I'm going to enjoy honing my digital skills for the next 30-40 years.

The history of me and digital marketing

While I was a teenager, not long before the turn of the century, I used to walk home from school with a relatively tech-savvy kid who lived around the corner. I wasn't fortunate enough to have the croaky NTL dial-up connection installed just yet, but this kid did. He used to tell me these stories about how he'd get home, have fish fingers and chips, and then chat to these people from across the world on his pc. Good old AOL.

I was only 13/14 years old, but I was fascinated. I remember being fully aware of the huge deal this advancement in communication was going to become for society, and the future ahead. Not many people were clued up on the overall power and potential of the internet back in the 90's. It was still quite a luxury at the time, but I just knew this would grow into something massive. If I was a tad smarter and just a little more innovative back then, instead of just watching it all grow in awe, I'm convinced I could've beaten Zuckerberg to the punch. I grew into adulthood with photography gear by my side over the following decade, and that became a huge part of my life instead.

As I had suspected back in the spring of '98, the years ahead saw the internet explode right across the globe. I began experimenting with web design (and joining Myspace!) to showcase my photography work, and then along came big-time social media, while search engines became everybody's natural port of call. So, the core of digital marketing, content creation and web design has always been in my life one way or another. I've always been aware of its impact, and it was quite literally a hobby for over a decade.

Then the real adventure started at Orantec

Life maps itself out in mysterious ways, and at the age of 32 I found myself in a position that allowed me to act on the fact that we can do and achieve anything that we want. We just need the audacity to go out there and do it. So, following a week or so of soul searching and pinpointing the exact sort of direction I wanted my future to go, I discovered that digital marketing is indeed a "real job", and one that I felt I was more than capable of succeeding in. I'm currently working towards gaining the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing, which has been teaching me a lot of the fundamentals in marketing, both digitally and offline.

Between writing assignments, I applied for a role with the digital marketing team here at Orantec. The rest is history. A whole month of it, so far.

Developing the skills

I've already had the opportunity to exercise some skills, such as writing blog posts for the wide range of clients we have (one of which I have already been introduced to!), performing general research among a variety of topics & managing the social media of clients. I'm also learning along the way as I develop my SEO and basic HTML skills, find my way around Raven and learn about a variety of other digital marketing tools and programs that the team put to good use. All of this, and I still have the analytical and PPC side of things to delve into!

The team here are experts at what they do, which means I'm developing alongside some real talent. It also means that as a unit, we can help you and your business create some waves and hit those goals, regardless of how big or small the business is. We're eager to hear all about your digital plans, so get in touch today so we can discuss the different ways we may be able to help.


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