Orantec at the Gauntlet Games

Orantec Team at Gauntlet GamesBy Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant.

On 22 July 2017, the Orantec team braved the cold and wet - along with waking up far too early for a weekend morning - in order to take part in the Cardiff Gauntlet Games. What follows is an account of the infrequent highs and the muddy lows, with images for posterity!

A series of obstacles

If you haven’t heard of the Gauntlet Games, a quick introduction is called for. The GG is a 5km (or 10km if you’re feeling energetic) run around a course filled to the brim with obstacles to be overcome. These include monkey bars over a pool of cold and muddy water,  puddles of very dark mud, and a soapy slide down a hill. We went into the event having no idea just how messy we would get, but we definitely needed a shower afterwards!

We started with a quick warm up, which honestly, was more tiring than the rest of the run, but when it was done we were ready to go, and thankful that it wasn’t raining (although the showers arrived not long afterwards).

Our first obstacle was a rope maze at the end of a very muddy track, this was pretty easy to navigate, but the journey to this obstacle was treacherous; everyone in the group almost lost their footing on more than one occasion!

NickThen we got to the monkey bars. When discussing the event, it was pretty much agreed on that no-one believed they’d get very far before plunging into the pool of water, and we were right. For the most part, we all fell off after progressing past just a few bars. It was the boss, Richard, who was the MVP on the monkey bars, getting almost to the end of the obstacle before losing his grip and tumbling into the pool of shame.

My personal favourite obstacle came next, a run across a pond on slippery disks, it was the most Total Wipeout of all the obstacles we encountered! Unfortunately, we hit a bit of a jam with a huge group of people queuing to have a go, which wasn’t helped by people not being brave enough to run across, instead opting to crawl across the disks. After about 30 minutes, the Orantec team were up, and I hate to brag, but I definitely made it the furthest, getting at least halfway before slipping and taking a horizontal dive into the muddy water.

It would take all day to describe every single obstacle, but highlights definitely include Nick clawing at the grass after the slip’n’slide to try and stop himself, using Claire as a distraction while I tried to sneak through a ball pit, and racing Stephen down a soapy slide (and losing). Of course, the ultimate feeling was crossing the finish line with my colleagues and knowing that despite being cold and wet we achieved something awesome and fun, as well as knowing we were soon to go to Strada for a celebratory meal!

If you’re looking to join the Orantec team, and get the opportunity to take part in events like this, we’re currently looking for a Business Development Executive, and a Trainee Digital Marketing Assistant, more information can be found on our vacancies page.


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