The science of social media - Part 2

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant.

Business womanThe long awaited sequel to our post on the science of social media is finally here, and this time, we'll be taking a couple of letters out of the Alphabet to look at how you can ace your digital marketing on Google+ and YouTube!

At Orantec, we use social media for our clients on a daily basis to help them reach the right audience at the right time, and we’re happy to help you do the same.  Social media may be scary (especially the mysterious Google+), but with these handy tips, you’ll be an online social whizz before you know it!


Google+ is the often forgotten child of the global search company; one day it was sent off to play with the big boys of social media and came back battered and bruised, but undeterred and ready to keep fighting for its place in the social media elite – as far as social media goes, Google+ is certainly the scrappiest! Some rumours say that Google is slowly killing off Google+, but the social network is still there, and intricately linked to Google Maps and YouTube, so until Google officially pulls the plug (if they ever do it), Google+ still plays a role in the social media landscape.

There are plenty of ways that Google+ can be beneficial to your company, you just have to dig a little deeper than with other social media sites, and remember: this is a Google-owned site, so it may play a major role in getting you up there on the search results!

Google My Business (formerly known as Google+ Local)

If you have a company, the first thing you should do after setting up your G+ account is sign up for Google My Business, especially if you have a local presence, so your business can show on Google Maps. This will create a business listing for your company so customers can get detailed information about your company, including map directions, opening hours, and phone number(s); you’ll also appear in local search results! Local results are the results than only show if you’re looking for a business in your own location (e.g. a dentist or letting agent), with a map on the right hand side. See, Google+ already has its benefits and you haven’t even posted an update yet!

Vanity URLs

In its standard form, your G+ URL will be comprised of an ugly string of numbers, and unless you’re a company that sells calculators or isn’t very good at teaching binary, you’ll want to obtain a vanity URL. This means your G+ address will become personalised, making it easier for your audience to find you directly by searching on G+. Be warned though, think, double think and then triple think about the perfect vanity URL because it cannot be changed once you’ve agreed to it! At the moment we write this blog, it’s Google who decides to offer you a vanity URL and you can’t entirely choose it yourself – yet.

Take up real estate

As with Facebook and Twitter, adding attractive images to your updates can encourage clicks on your posts, but G+ differs from the other two sites in one key way. While each update on either Facebook or Twitter is given relatively the same amount of space, this isn’t the case with G+; when you post a picture to Google+, the image isn’t made smaller to fit, instead it’s posted close to its original size. By using images that are in the portrait orientation, you’re able to post an image that will really grab the attention of your audience.

Curate your audience

G+ may seem intimidating, but it has fantastic tools to help you create and manage your audience. One of these tools is Circles, which are a great way to theme your audience, allowing you to show appropriate updates to the most relevant followers. You can also create circles of potential audiences, or people you want to connect with, meaning you can track what they’re discussing and sharing without having to manually search for them each time.

It might take some practice, but you should definitely not be put off by G+, it’s a social network that can work wonders for your brand!


Man with cameraWith more than a billion users, YouTube is definitely the place to go for video-based digital marketing. You may scoff at the marketing potential of a site that’s full of videos of animals sneezing and cats being cats, but before you dismiss YouTube completely, remember this: last year, one of the most popular YouTubers, PewDiePie (real name, Felix Kjellberg) earned $7.4 million by making videos of himself playing video games! YouTube can be an extremely viable market to further your brand’s image. Already, thousands of companies have discovered the marketing magic of YouTube, so to really make an impression, you need to make sure you do the following.

Update regularly

It’s no use making one video, uploading it and calling it a job well done: a page with a single upload is unlikely to get much traction with audiences; if you are going to advertise your company via YouTube, it is crucial that you are willing to commit to uploading videos on a regular basis.

Luckily, most YouTube videos are cheap to produce and don’t take too much time to make, unless of course you plan on doing something truly outrageous – excess may go viral , but it takes a lot of effort.

Tell a clever story

With so many companies already vying for attention from a steady stream of potential customers, you have to make sure what you’re uploading is true to your company image, while remaining unique. Consider blendtec, a company that specialises in advanced blenders, their ‘Will it Blend’ videos are simple but effective. They use blendtec blenders to see if they’re capable of blending different items and various pieces of technology, including an entire playlist in which they blend Apple products. This simple concept has garnered the company just under one million subscribers on YouTube.

Think about what makes your product or service truly unique - it pays to be innovative! If that doesn’t appeal, tap into the charm of office-based sitcoms, give your audience a glimpse into your working life (perhaps slightly edited to give only the best impression!), make your company feel relatable; celebrating Janice the secretary’s birthday with 100 balloons and cake? Record it, and pop it on YouTube. If you’re having fun, your audience will too!

Descriptions are key!

YouTube is owned by Google, meaning that YouTube videos have serious potential for increased search visibility, which can only be good for your company’s search engine optimisation! This makes filling in every single piece of information crucial! Take this opportunity to add some keywords – but don’t make a video live without giving it a title, tags and a description. You should also make sure that you’ve put your video in the correct category. If you want your videos to be shown together, try and tag them with a tag unique to them.

Direct people back to your site

Now for the tip that will complete the desired YouTube effect – don’t forget to point your audience back to your website! You may have made the best YouTube video ever, if you don’t remind your viewers that you’re actually a company, you’re going to miss out on a large proportion of your potential audience.

Add a link in the video’s description to all relevant landing pages, ensuring that you clearly label what each link leads to. You can also add an end-card at, well, the end of your video, with an embedded link to your page, so even if a viewer doesn’t read the description they are still exposed to your site’s link. By following these tips, you’re sure to become a proficient YouTuber in no time!

We’re sure you and your team are becoming quite the dab hands at this social media malarkey; who knows, there might be a part 3 of this guide on its way shortly for those of you who want another fix of social media tips. If all this seems a bit too much, let us take the weight off your shoulders; social media and marketing are in our blood, so, if you have a digital project, we’d love to hear about it! 


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