A Merry Digital Christmas from the Orantec team

Merry Christmas from Digital Marketing and Web Development agency OrantecBy - Head of Digital Marketing.

It's that time of year again! I really like the Christmas period and the festive atmosphere that transcends the cold and sometimes gloomy weather. As Christmas draws near, so does the end of the year, and it's the ideal time to reflect over the past year, and to plan for the next.

2014: new clients, new staff, new discoveries

The past year has been very interesting for us: we’ve acquired new clients, which means new interesting projects, and sometimes for our web development team, the acquisition of new techniques to deliver said projects. We’ve also welcomed some GO Wales placements, and full-time employees, namely Nick and Matt as Web Developers and Megan as a Digital Marketer, who all brought to our team their knowledge and experience, but also a different perspective. It’s always great to welcome new people and to meet new clients, as with every new person we meet and work with, we can learn, improve and keep becoming better every year.

A word on Digital Marketing…

I love Digital Marketing because it’s an ever-changing world which pushes you to challenge yourself all the time in order to stay on the ball. But more than a job, it’s a community, with great people who are happy to share their knowledge at marketing conferences such as Search Love, BrightonSEO and SES London. This past year we had the opportunity to mingle with our peers at these conferences and to exchange views and experiences, which was brilliant. We may be in competition but somehow it doesn’t feel like it; I guess at the end of the day the idea is “may the best man (or woman) win”. It may also help to create a solid community to have a common “enemy”: Google. I personally don’t see Google as an enemy, as ultimately they are looking to create a better Internet with quality results, but they definitely try to dictate the way we work, which can be a little annoying.

It is a safe bet to say that in 2015 the need for quality content will be stronger than ever, and the focus of everyone’s efforts will increasingly be on what customers want, our job being to offer it to them.

… and Web Development

This year, our web development team has worked on even more web apps than websites, and as our development team has grown we’ve had to make more use of clever tools such as Git, an open source version control system, which is more than handy when a team of developers collaborate on a project! We also constantly update our own CMS, WebCharge, and this year we have turned it into an even more powerful e-commerce CMS, with many e-shop related updates. The good thing about having your own CMS is that you can really make it do everything you (and your clients) want, and from a digital marketing point of view, I can say that it’s fantastic to be able to ask your web developers for what you want, and to see the CMS adapted to fit your digital marketing needs!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for another year of strong collaboration, and for trusting our expert knowledge in both web development and digital marketing. For 2015, we promise to keep showing the same dedication as ever to offer a high-quality, personalised service to everyone. If you would like us to create a website or an App for your business, or would like our assistance to boost your online presence, we’d be more than happy to help! Just call us at 02920 647008 or send us an email

Merry Christmas to everyone, wishing you the best for 2015. See you after the Christmas break, on 2nd January!


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