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7 tips on building a Twitter following

By Caleb Woodbridge - SEO Consultant

Once you've seen the benefits of Twitter for business, planned your social media strategy, and signed up for Twitter, the next thing to do is to start following people - and hopefully have people follow you too.

1. Who do you already know?

A good way to get started is to follow people you already know. Twitter gives you the opportunity to search for your email contacts. Also, you can see who other people are following, so look at your friends’ Twitter lists to find more people to connect with.

2. Who are you trying to connect with?

Don’t follow indiscriminately, but aim to connect with the right people. This might include other professionals in your field, current and potential customers, bloggers and journalists. If you’re following many more people than follow y

3. Who can you help?

The best way to grow a Twitter following is to be genuinely interesting and helpful to people. It’s a truism that you get out what you put in. If you are generous with advice and information and sharing, then you will build a following. Engage in conversations with people. Don’t make more than 1 in 5 tweets self-promotional.

4. Share other people’s content

Tweet great content wherever it comes from, not just your own stuff. Work out what’s interesting and useful to your followers, and share it. When people get to know that the links you share are interesting and worthwhile, they will be more likely to click on all of your links, including those to your own site.

5. Monitor Twitter for relevant topics

Use hashtags and searches to see what people are talking about. Join in the conversation. Sometimes there will be organised chats around a particular topic – for example, there’s a weekly #seochat discussion. (I’ll talk more about hashtags and Twitter etiquette in my next post!)

6. Tweet consistently

Tweet regularly as much as possible. Don’t just stop tweeting for weeks on end. If you’re taking a break from Twitter for a bit, leave a tweet saying so, so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just given up.

7. Invite people to follow you

Include a link to your Twitter account on your website, in your email signature, and on other social media profiles such as Facebook. On that note, why not follow me and Orantec?


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