8 reasons why businesses should use Twitter

by Caleb Woodbridge - SEO Consultant

The Twitter birdAs part of our web marketing services, we encourage and equip most of our clients to use Twitter and Facebook, as I mentioned in my post about Facebook marketing. In the next few blog posts, I'll go through some tips on how businesses can get the best out of Twitter.

First up, I’ll make the case for using Twitter. Twitter allows you to:

1. Connect with customers
2. Get instant feedback
3. Stay up to date with your industry
4. Share your knowledge and expertise
5. Raise brand awareness
6. Promote your products and services
7. Run competitions and promotions
8. Go viral (with a bit of skill and luck)

The most important thing to remember about Twitter is that it’s about people, and connecting with them. That's why it's called a social network. This is a tremendous opportunity, but also brings some pitfalls.

It’s important to treat Twitter as more than just an outlet for links, marketing and advertising. If all you’re doing is giving the hard sell on your own products or services, people will tune out. You won’t be effective in engaging your audience, and you won’t be using the medium to its best effect.

Engaging with people comes first. But if you get this right, it will have tangible business outcomes. If you’re responding to people, posting helpful advice and links, sharing interesting insights into what you’re doing, then you will have many opportunities to promote what you do, generating leads and sales.

How exactly you do that, and how you find the right mix of content, is something I will discuss in upcoming posts.


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