Orantec - Online Intelligence

Meet the team

Who are the mysterious folk that work for the web development/design and digital marketing teams at Orantec? Today, the Orantec team have come from behind their computer screens to introduce themselves. It's about time!

Rich Orantec


Role: Looking important

Department: Design and Development

Richard is the almighty boss, and he oversees the entire Orantec operation, or at least he does when he isn't absorbed in his work, which is pretty often! Since founding Orantec, Richard has enjoyed the diverse range of clients that he's had the opportunity to work with.

Do you have any claims to fame? JPR Williams was my GP!


Nick Orantec


Role: Turning code into screen content

Department: Design and Development

Nick is a coding mastermind, and the first person the Digital Marketing team turn to when they accidentally break something (which isn't that often, thankfully). Nick can't stand being prostrate and enjoys the variety that comes from handling several different websites.  

What's your favourite film? Top Gun - I said to Hollywood, "where'd he go?", Hollywood says "where'd who go?"




Role: Helping clients achieve their online goals

Department: Digital Marketing

Stephen is a cat-lover, who uses his background in journalism to create fresh and relevant content to help make our clients stand out from the crowd! He also has a keen eye for stats, and is able to figure out website trends with just a glance at Google Analytics.

What would you do if you won the lottery? I would purchase my dream Lamborghini Aventador, and then do some serious stuff like pay off the mortgage. Serious, I know!


Ash Orantec


Role: Digital marketing wizard and chronic Tweeter

Department: Digital Marketing

Ashley is the backbone of the digital marketing team (and also the one writing these entries, believe it or not), and works closely with Stephen to ensure that they're on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends. He also loves experimenting (rather than procrastinating) with social media.

Who would play you in a film about your life? I'd love to say someone cool and charismatic like Nicholas Hoult or Daniel Radcliffe, but I'm definitely a Michael Cera.


Ruth Orantec


Role: Keeping everyone happy

Department: HR

Ruth is a crucial member of the team, keeping everyone in check, and importantly, ensuring everyone is paid on time! Ruth's favourite part of working for Orantec is being a part of a great team who all have various skills needed to help the company run efficiently.

Do you have any claims to fame? Yes! I attended the same school as David Emanuel, the designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress!


Claire Orantec


Role: Doing all the stuff no-one else does

Department: HR

Claire is the newest member of the Orantec team, but has proven to be absolutely vital to the everyday running of the business. Claire ensures that the team is working as efficiently as possible, and isn't afraid to tell the team off if she has to. Crucially, Claire also arranges all the work gatherings; she's a true hero.

Cats or Dogs? I'm going to be awkward and choose neither, but I did have a budgie I was fond of once!


Marion Orantec


Role: Customer management and team support

Department: All

After being Head of Digital Marketing for 4 years, Marion has a new, exciting role. She is now the point of contact for all of our clients, past and future; if you're a business interested in taking advantage of the services we offer here at Orantec, she's the one to talk to. She also ensures everybody knows about the great work we do!

Tell us a fun fact about you: I was an extra on a TV series just a week before giving birth to my baby boy!