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When Twitter goes rogue

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant Social media is a fantastic way for businesses to reach out to audiences and draw in potential new customers. In recent years, companies have taken advantage of the platform Twitter to create content that is fun and engaging in hopes of going viral. However, ...

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Want success online? Make sure you're mobile!

By Stephen Hudson - Digital Marketing ConsultantBeing successful online is becoming more and more difficult; gone are the days when you could just write some generic content, stuff it with keywords, add links and see results. To achieve growth today, a business needs to invest money, and more importantly time, into ...

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Merry Christmas from Orantec

By The Orantec Team Merry Christmas one and all! 2016 is ending, and what a year it has been for the team here at Orantec. One of the biggest changes we have had this year is moving from our old offices in Cathays, to our new offices in Llanishen. Our new ...

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Black Mirror: the truths and fictions of social media

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant Black Mirror returned to our TV screens recently with a brand new season. Thanks to Netflix, we were able to delve into the dystopian worlds that are just around the corner due to the magic of technology. It didn't take long for me to ...

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The essential SEO checklist for new websites

By Stephen Hudson - Digital Marketing Consultant 2016 has been a busy year in Orantec HQ with a number of clients requesting new websites. Launching a new website can be an exciting time for a business, but it can also be a very difficult period for website traffic, especially if the ...

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Digital Marketing for Beginners - Part Two: Content Marketing

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant Our Beginners' Guide to Digital Marketing continues by focusing on Content Marketing. While all aspects of Digital Marketing need creativity, Content Marketing really requires you to push the envelope. In the simplest terms, Content Marketing involves creating content (in one of several possible forms) that ...

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How my degree prepared me for a job in SEO: Journalism

By Stephen Hudson - Digital Marketing ConsultantFrom a very young age I always dreamt of becoming a journalist, be that a writer in a newspaper or a reporter in the field. Having a 'dream job' meant that during my school years I was able to focus on the areas and subjects ...

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