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Every now and then we like to rant on about something or other. Have a read and feel free to let us know what you think.

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Work shadowing a digital marketer

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. Last week the team welcomed Benita - a journalism and culture student - as she was interested in learning a little more about what digital marketing entails, and how her chosen degree studies may be able to potentially line up with a role in ...

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Orantec celebrates 10 years in business

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. There has been cause for a big celebration in the Orantec office this month, as we've now officially been in business for 10 years. That's an entire decade spent helping clients across the world with website design/development and digital marketing. The original goal was ...

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Digital Marketing: Work experience

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to undertake some work experience with the Orantec digital marketing team. Upon meeting Stephen and Shawn for the first time, I felt so welcomed, and immediately felt at ease within this working environment. Over these past few weeks I have been working ...

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Digital Marketing: One Month in the Game

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. It's been one month since I joined the tight-knit team here at Orantec. Like Bambi on ice, I've found myself slipping and sliding around the plethora of programs, tools and folders that I'm utilising across three screens, in this cool, top floor studio, as ...

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Orantec at the Gauntlet Games

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant. On 22 July 2017, the Orantec team braved the cold and wet - along with waking up far too early for a weekend morning - in order to take part in the Cardiff Gauntlet Games. What follows is an account of the infrequent highs ...

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Google tries to decrease privacy fears

By Ashley John - Digital Marketing Consultant. Last month, we wrote about Google Personal, and what that could herald for the users of Google's services. The battle between privacy and personalisation continues this month with Google revealing in a blog post that it will soon no longer be using automated software ...

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