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Reaching the millennial market: website design and digital marketing

By Shawn Eastman - Digital Marketing Executive. 

Millennial guy

Having grown up with a digital world growing up alongside them, it's no surprise that millennials are a tech savvy bunch. When a business is trying to successfully market to them online, it's often not enough to have a visually appealing website and a couple of social media accounts. Competition is usually fierce in the millennial space, meaning a cutting-edge web design must be teamed with a customised digital marketing strategy. As a business connected with the digital world and the concoction of internet services available, we at Orantec would like to share a few helpful strategies across these two key areas: website design and digital marketing.

Customised digital marketing plan

Digital marketing involves a variety of strategies, including but not limited to: search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC), blogging, and email marketing. A customised digital marketing plan will focus on the tools and strategies that will produce the best results and ROI for your business. However, it’s not easy to be an expert at every area of digital marketing, so you may want to consider a professional marketing company who can help create a custom plan to put your business on the digital map and blow the competition away.

Custom website design

Custom website designMillennials are fully aware of technology and how it works, and in terms of website design, right now we’re talking templates. If customers know you are using a template, it can take a little of the shine off. As a small local business, you may get away with it, but ultimately, if you want your website to impress all who click through it, then custom is the way to go. It also gives you scope to change things exactly as you see fit, whereas templates can be awfully restrictive.

Responsive website design

How are millennials accessing and consuming digital content? That’s right, through everything! Mobile devices have experienced huge growth over the past decade, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a millennial without one. With this in mind, it’s no use designing your website for desktop and leaving it at that. It must, must, must be optimised for mobile phones and tablets if you want millennials to easily reach and engage with your website. Those businesses with a website that maintains an aesthetically pleasing design, easy usability and fantastic functionality across all devices will prove most successful.

Convey the voice of a friendly brand

It used to be all about a mixture of office professionalism and pushing the hard sale, but those days are long gone. If you’re looking to really capture the attention and business of the millennial market, then you really need to consider dropping things to a less formal level. You do need to be mindful of just how far you take it, and it will depend on what services or products you offer, but the point is millennials appreciate it when you approach them as distinctive individuals. They want a legit, believable and honest customer experience. They want transparency. Congruency. They don’t want a hard sell. Millennials prefer businesses that connect with the wider world in a meaningful way.

Social media and video

Social media toolsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. These are some seriously effective tools. There are other social media platforms you may want to explore as well, because finding the platforms that reach your specific target audience most successfully is what counts. Millennials are using them all in unique ways, so don’t be shy about exploring what works for your business. Your website and digital marketing strategy should connect with social media in a fluent way, so that the brand consistently remains recognisable. Video is also riding a huge wave and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so hop on board and use your imagination. The beauty of video (and pictures, of course) is that you can use them across several of your digital channels.

Incorporate live chat onto your website

Time is the asset. As a business, and as a customer, we’d love some extra time. When a customer has a concern or an enquiry, easily reaching the company can go a long way to gaining or retaining their custom, and a live chat function is a fantastic way to make that connection quick and easy. It also makes them feel important, and they’ll appreciate that the business is doing all that it can to make things simple for them.

Here at Orantec, we offer a wide range of web services that can ensure you attack the millennial market with creativity and aplomb. Just check out our portfolio of work to see some of the projects and brands we’ve been involved with. Our web design and digital marketing services can help you utilise the strategies listed above to maximum effect, so contact us today if you’d like to discuss things further.


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